Web Technology

Web Technology


Introduction to web, protocols governing the web, web development strategies, Web applications, web project, web team.

Web Page Designing: HTML: list, table, images, frames, forms, CSS;

XML: DTD, XML schemes, presenting and using XML


Java script: Introduction, documents, forms, statements, functions, objects; event and event handling; introduction to AJAX, VB Script

Server Site Programming:

Introduction to active server pages (ASP),ASP.NET, java server pages (JSP), JSP application design, tomcat server, JSP objects, declaring variables, and methods, debugging, sharing data between JSP pages, Session, Application: data base action , development of java beans in JSP, introduction to COM/DCOM.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):

Introduction, syntax, variables, strings, operators, if-else, loop, switch, array, function, form ,mail, file upload, session,  error, exception, filter, PHP-ODBC. 

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